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Welcome to Bon Secours for Men!

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By Rishi Bala, MD

Welcome to Bon Secours for Men!  On behalf of the entire Bon Secours Virginia Health System, we are proud to have established a program just for you, men.

Traditionally, most of us have not taken the best care of ourselves.

The reasons vary.  It could be an issue with not having enough time or not having a relationship with a physician. 

 The thing that I hear most often in my practice is, “I feel fine.  There’s really no need for me to see a doctor.”

I understand.  I’ve been there.

 Now, as a primary care physician, I can couple what you’re thinking with the reality associated with living a long, healthy and productive life.

 Most important though, all of us with Bon Secours for Men are focused on communication and education.

 We want you to understand your body, while we understand how to connect with you on a personal level.

 That’s the key to Bon Secours for Men:  A personal touch with a genuine appreciation for your individual lifestyle.

 We’ll get to know each other, while adding the convenience and accessibility that you need to take great care of yourself.

 We challenge you to become a part of Bon Secours for Men. 

 Let us hear from you.

 It’s simple to register and I’m certain that you’ll be grateful for the information we can provide.

 Do it for your wife, your kids, your significant other, your friends, your career.

 Most important though, do it for yourself!

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